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Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Kafka Connect

Getting started with RBAC

Because Apache Kafka® streams events that may contain extremely sensitive data, customers often want to implement very strict rules that control who has access to this data and the services in Confluent Platform. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) provides granular privileges for users and service accounts to different resources and ensures that only authorized clients have appropriate access to system resources. Administrators can differentiate and authorize individual roles, and with a unified security CLI, administrators can define RBAC role bindings across the entire Confluent Platform.

This white paper covers basic RBAC concepts and deep dives into using RBAC specifically with Kafka Connect and connectors. It also links to a GitHub demo that you can run on your own Confluent Platform install to see how it works.


Yeva Byzek

Integration Architect

Yeva is an integration architect at Confluent designing solutions and building demos for developers and operators of Apache Kafka. She has many years of experience validating and optimizing end-to-end solutions for distributed software systems and networks.

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