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Upgrading from Apache Kafka® to Confluent

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Apache Kafka is the foundation of modern data architectures today, enabling businesses to connect, process, and react to their data in motion. However, Kafka doesn’t offer all the capabilities you need to move safely and quickly to production, and operating the platform can be a huge burden on your engineering teams. What does this mean for your business? Escalating total cost of ownership, delayed time to value, and lower ROI on your mission-critical Kafka projects.

Confluent helps solve these challenges by offering a complete, cloud-native distribution of Kafka and making it available everywhere your applications and data reside. With Kafka at its core, Confluent offers a holistic set of enterprise-grade capabilities that come ready out of the box to accelerate your time to value and reduce your total cost of ownership for data in motion.

In this webinar, Amit Gupta, Group Product Manager, and Nick Bryan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, will cover how you can:

  • Protect your Kafka use cases with enterprise-grade security, enhanced disaster recovery capabilities, and more
  • Reduce your Kafka operational burden and instead focus on building real-time apps that drive your business forward
  • Pursue hybrid and multi-cloud architectures with a data platform that spans and connects all of your environments

Register today to learn how you can realize the full value of your mission-critical Kafka projects and truly modernize your data architecture.


Amit Gupta

Group Product Manager

Amit Gupta is a group manager on Confluent’s Product Management team. Prior to joining Confluent, Amit was director of product management for platform at Pivotal. Amit holds a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Nick Bryan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Nick Bryan is a senior manager on Confluent's Product Marketing team. Prior to joining Confluent, Nick was part of IBM's advanced analytics consulting practice. Nick holds an MBA from Northwestern University.

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