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Unpacking the Cloud Migration Process with Improving

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Many organizations, regardless of their size, are feeling the pressure to move to the cloud due to cost savings, operational agility, and flexibility. However, moving to the cloud can be challenging due to various obstacles, such as integrating data from multiple cloud platforms, ensuring security, and maintaining business continuity. To ensure a successful cloud migration, careful planning, technical expertise, and strategic decision-making are necessary.

In this webinar, Improving will showcase their Migration Workshop methodology, which covers everything from use case identification to roadmap development, as well as important considerations for building robust event-driven architectures with Confluent.

Register now to learn how Improving can help you accelerate your migration journey to Confluent, allowing your business to focus on day-to-day activities that generate revenue and boost productivity.


Matt Schroeder

Director of Technology, Real-Time Data, Improving

Matt Schroeder is the director of the real-time data group at Improving. Improving is a modern digital services consulting firm and has expertise across the stack, but Matt’s emphasis is on the Confluent partnership and event-driven architecture. Matt guides Improving clients through data transformations and moonlights as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Event Driven Architecture at the University of Minnesota.

Lydia Huang

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Confluent

Lydia Huang is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Confluent, working with RSI partners to create joint GTM strategies. Prior to Confluent, she worked with product marketing at IBM, managing cloud security.

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