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Evolving from Messaging to Data in Motion with Confluent

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Join us for our new webinar with a live demo on how to connect your IBM MQ, TIBCO or RabbitMQ system to MongoDB, MySQL or Elastic with Confluent.

In this short, 30-minute webinar, you’ll gain everything you need to evolve from Messaging to Data in Motion and power hybrid-cloud use-cases by unlocking legacy data locked away in messaging systems.

Register now to learn about:

  • The history: Why message-oriented middleware isn't a fit for distributed environments and modern applications across hybrid and multi cloud environments.
  • Main differences between Confluent and traditional middleware
  • Reference architecture and demo on how Confluent integrates with existing on-prem messaging systems (IBM MQ, TIBCO , HiveMQ, RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ)
  • Use ksqlDB to merge, enrich and join datasets and pushes it to cloud applications (MongoDB or Elastic) to unlock new real-time use-cases.
  • Getting started: Learn about Confluent’s platform for data in motion and resources to help your teams implement this functionality.

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Weitere Ressourcen

cc demo
kafka microservices