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Data Estate Modernization Best Practices: Save Time, Money, and Headaches

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Leading companies use data to thrive in an increasingly competitive and uncertain economic landscape. To unlock efficiencies, insights, and innovation and better serve your customers, you must quickly make sense of the continuous flow of data from on-prem and cloud sources to make relevant, informed decisions.

Knowing you need to modernize your data estate is half the battle—but knowing where to start and understanding the potential impacts to your business is a challenge. Join Confluent and Microsoft Azure for best practices in avoiding common time-consuming and costly missteps that can come with data estate modernization.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you should modernize your data estate now
  • How to lower unnecessary infrastructure costs and shorten the time to value with Confluent and Azure
  • How to avoid common challenges that come with adopting and implementing a modern data strategy
  • How to create a culture that embraces a real-time instead of a batch mindset
  • How Confluent and Azure can help unify your data assets to take advantage of the cloud's enhanced privacy, security, and compliance


Israel Ekpo

Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft

Jacob Bogie

Cloud Partner Solution Architect, Confluent

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