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Cluster Linking: How to Seamlessly Share Data Across Environments

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It has become the norm for modern organizations to operate and share data across environments - on-premise, in the cloud, across cloud providers, across regions, or a mix - to better service their customers. However, traditional methods of data sharing require creating countless point-to-point connections or having to invest and learn yet another integration solution. Learn how Confluent Cluster Linking can seamlessly integrate and share data across these environments in real-time by leveraging your current Confluent/Apache Kafka deployments.

Tune in to this webinar to learn:

  • Different use cases driving the need to share data across environments (i.e. Disaster Recovery, Fragmented Data, Bridge to Cloud, etc)
  • How Confluent Cluster Linking works and can be leveraged to reliability sync data across environments
  • How to get started with Confluent Cluster Linking


Erick Lee

Solutions Engineer, Confluent

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Weitere Ressourcen

cc demo
kafka microservices