Eine Echtzeit-Brücke in die Cloud bauen – mit Confluent Platform 7.0 und Cluster Linking | Blog lesen

Give Your Confluent Platform Superpowers!

Whether you are a die-hard DC comic enthusiast, mad for Marvel, or completely clueless when it comes to comic books, at the end of the day each of us would love to possess the superpower to transform data in seconds versus minutes or days. But architects and developers are challenged with designing and managing platforms that scale elastically and combine event streams with stored data, to enable more contextually rich data analytics. This made even more complex with data coming from hundreds of sources, and in hundreds of terabytes, or even petabytes, per day.

Now, with Apache Kafka and Intel hardware technology advances, organizations can turn massive volumes of disparate data into actionable insights with the ability to filter, enrich, join and process data instream. Let's consider Information Security. IT leaders need to ensure all company data and IP is secured against threats and vulnerabilities. A combination of real-time event streaming with Confluent Platform and Intel Architecture has enabled threat detection efforts that once took hours to be completed in seconds, while simultaneously reducing technical debt and data processing and storage costs.

In this session, Confluent and Intel architects will share detailed performance benchmarking results and new joint reference architecture. We’ll detail ways to remove Kafka performance bottlenecks, and improve platform resiliency and ensure high availability using Confluent Control Center and Multi-Region Clusters. And we’ll offer up tips for addressing challenges that you may be facing in your own super heroic efforts to design, deploy, and manage your organization’s data platforms.


Sandeep Togrika
Bert Hayes