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Run complex queries on Confluent data streams in real time

Kinetica is a GPU accelerated database that executes spatial, time series and OLAP queries on high-velocity data streams from Confluent Cloud in seconds, offering a robust architecture for observing and analyzing data in motion. This includes vehicles, networks, satellites, supply chains, smart cities, stock prices and more.

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Why Kinetica and Confluent Platform?

Confluent provides best in class capabilities for working with streaming data. Kinetica can ingest these high-velocity streams, fuse them with contextual information and execute complex SQL queries that generate insights that can be sent back into Confluent for downstream analysis.

Fast Ingest

Kinetica is able to keep up with high volume Kafka topics with its lockless, multi-head architecture. Ingested data is immediately available for query, further reducing data latency.

Contextual Insights

Kinetica and Confluent provide a landscape where data isn't just ingested; it's quickly understood in its spatial and temporal context, unveiling insights previously obscured.

Take Action

Kinetica can publish these enriched insights back to a Confluent stream to empower your organization to act decisively on the most relevant and contextual information.

A quick demonstration of using Kinetica with Confluent

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Explore how Kinetica's data analytics capabilities seamlessly integrate with Confluent's data streaming, using a real-world example that monitors a fleet of vehicles and identifies spatial events.


Guide for importing data from Confluent Cloud

Learn how to use Kinetica with Confluent

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