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Confluent on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Fully Managed Apache Kafka® on Amazon Web Services

AWS customers can accelerate their adoption of Apache Kafka with effortless deployment options with either one of Confluent’s products - Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud - and can quickly connect to the AWS ecosystem with pre-built and fully managed integrations to AWS most popular data services.

For the most secure conscious customers looking to adopt a fully managed service, Confluent Cloud has support for multiple private networking options including Private Link and customers can self-manage encryption keys for storage volume encryption with AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

Why Confluent on AWS?

Derive insights from data in real-time

Stream data into AWS data services for low-latency, real-time analytics with pre-built connectors to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and Amazon DynamoDB.

Increase developer agility & speed of innovation

Focus on app development with fully managed Kafka service with pre-built integrations to AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 & Amazon Kinesis.

Accelerate modernization from on-prem to AWS

Leverage +100 Confluent pre-built connectors to stream data from legacy on-prem data services to AWS without heavy lift-and-shift with a hybrid platform for Apache Kafka.

Protect Event Data

Protect event data from threats across the entire Apache Kafka® ecosystem with dedicated clusters via AWS PrivateLink in addition to existing support for AWS Transit Gateway and VPC/Vnet peering.

Confluent and AWS Integration

Some data will never leave the customers site or data center. By streaming on-premise data from mainframes, proprietary systems and/or monolithic applications to Confluent Cloud, you unlock a myriad of customer outcomes. By adding Confluent, you significantly expand the numbers of sources you can ingest data from across the suite of AWS services.



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Confluent solutions on AWS

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Confluent Data in Motion Platform for AWS Wavelength

Unlock low latency edge processing of events from many locations/devices then aggregate your data in AWS regions for long-term data analysis or training of machine-learning models.

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