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Kafka for Marketing campaigns: power up your business decisions in near-real-time

With high consumer expectations in the Telco competitive market, decisions that are based on the most real-time data available improve customer relationships, increase revenue, increase efficiency for business reporting and maximize operational efficiency. In this talk, we explain how Data Reply helped his Telco Customer migrate several slow onprem DWH ETL jobs to a near-real-time, reliable and maintainable Microservice Architecture based on Kafka Stream and Kubernetes.

We explain how the new solution permits now the Telco Customer to receive immediate feedback about his business decisions and marketing campaigns while recommending new offers to end marketing targets was reduced from 3 days to near-real-time. Key takeaways: - how the event-driven architecture solved our issues - how to orchestrate, deploy and monitor a microservice architecture based on events.

Speaker: Alex Piermatteo, Data Reply