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Schema Management: the elephant in the Cloud room

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Schema management is a key component in every big Event Streaming platform. The Schema Registry solution has several advantages: better Data Quality, more performant, Data Evolvability, etc. But when we are working in a multi-datacenter or multi-cloud environments, things start to get complicated. How do we replicate schemas between different Kafka clusters in separate regions? How do we ensure compatibility even when consumers are using separate Schema Registries? What can we do when we don't have a Schema Registry in one of the sites? In the last year, Antón has been heavily involved building a platform covering two different Clouds and two on-prem Data Centers. With that experience, he will review the state-of-the-art of the solutions to this problem and what they did. If you are working with the Schema Registry and you would like to consume or produce your events in the Cloud, this talk will help you with some fresh ideas and the lessons learnt in a similar project.

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