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How to mutate your immutable log

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Is your data pipeline under development and you simply want to iterate quickly? Immutability is one of the key and desirable features of Kafka. However, when mistakes happen and you are paged at night you sometimes wish there was an “easy button” to change the log.

This session first dives into some of the errors we have seen that caused outages for considerable durations of time. Recovery from the errors required late night code changes on consumers or simply waiting things out.Have you ever had your upstream producers write poisoned data that breaks your downstream consumers? Did Personal Identifiable Information (PII) land in a Kafka topic that wasn’t supposed to have it?

The next part of the session proposes a topic versioning scheme that allows us to recover from the examples that we mention. It segues into what it would take to build a control plane to manage and lifecycle these versioned topics. We’ll cover the benefits and pitfalls of our proposed solution.

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