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Building a Modern, Scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform with Apache Kafka

As cyber threats continuously grow in sophistication and frequency, companies need to quickly acclimate to effectively detect, respond, and protect their environments. At Intel, we’ve addressed this need by implementing a modern, scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) based on Splunk and Apache Kafka. We believe that CIP positions us for the best defense against cyber threats well into the future.

Our CIP ingests tens of terabytes of data each day and transforms it into actionable insights through streams processing, context-smart applications, and advanced analytics techniques. Kafka serves as a massive data pipeline within the platform. It provides us the ability to operate on data in-stream, enabling us to reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR). Faster detection and response ultimately leads to better prevention.

In our session, we’ll discuss the details described in the IT@Intel white paper that was published in Nov 2020 with same title.


Jac Noel