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Mitigating One Million Security Threats With Kafka and Spark

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Citrix Analytics (Security), a user behavior analytics service, protects 100’s of companies from risks and threats posed by users. The service processes 3 billion events per day and can identify security threats in under a minute.

Kafka is the backbone of our real-time platform. It seamlessly glues the numerous stages required for ETL, Feature Extraction, Model Training & Serving, data access etc and enables us to develop new products faster.

In this session, we will talk about how, in the last 6 months, 7M risk indicators were triggered and 1M threat mitigating actions were taken, and the integral role Kafka played in achieving it. We would also like to share some interesting ways Kafka is used at Citrix. Like, how topics are auto provisioned, and security is handled in a multi-tenant, public facing “northbound” Kafka cluster and the Kafka + Spark optimizations that reduced the cost of running 100’s of streaming jobs.

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