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Keepin’ It Real(-Time)

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Let’s get real— companies are incorporating more streaming sources as part of their data stack to unlock their customers’ and business needs and trends in real-time. While many data engineers ingest streaming data into their data warehouses or data lakes, they are not unlocking the full potential of the data. In order to extract the most value from your streaming data, you’ll need to consider:

  • data freshness
  • query latency
  • storage
  • concurrency
  • data mutability
  • analyzing streaming data in context (i.e. JOINing) with data from other data sources

In this tech talk, we’ll cover these aforementioned considerations in detail. We’ll show you how to build a SQL-based, real-time recommendation engine and customer 360 data application using Kafka, Rockset, and Retool. By the end, you’ll be equipped to effectively evaluate databases and tools to meet your real-time needs with streaming data.

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