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KeyBank Fuels National Digital Bank Initiative with Data in Motion and Confluent

„Wir sind gerade dabei, unsere On-Premise-Teradata-Data-Marts zu Google BigQuery zu verschieben und sehen in diesem Zusammenhang einen starken Anwendungsfall für Confluent Cloud“, so Roseman. „Bald werden wir Confluent Platform mit Anthos auf Bare Metal betreiben und auch das wird uns bei diesem Übergang helfen.“

Michael Roseman


Power a national digital bank initiative and enterprise-wide digital transformation by reducing the time and effort needed to integrate systems


Create a center of excellence to help teams harness data in motion with Confluent Platform to make data available to systems throughout the bank


  • Time-to-market estimates halved.
  • Mainframe and message queue cost estimates cut.
  • De-risked adoption of a new technology paradigm.

Following the acquisition of Laurel Road, a digital consumer lending business, KeyBank launched an initiative to build a national digital bank focused on doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals looking to refinance student loans and buy homes. The initiative is viewed as a growth engine for KeyBank, which is already among the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $170.5 billion.

Confluent’s platform for data in motion is helping to fuel the national digital bank initiative and the wider digital transformation underway at KeyBank. A major motivation for this transformation was reducing time to market for new products by democratizing data and decoupling systems across the IT landscape.

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