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DISH Wireless Unlocks Industry 4.0 Use Cases With Confluent Cloud

“We're going up orders of magnitude on the volume of data that we want to transact over Confluent. By having a partner like Confluent, we can start generating value from our network at an unimaginable level today.”

Brian Mengwasser | Vice President and Head of MarketPlace and Apps Design


Building a cloud-native, 5G, open RAN (ORAN) network that supports a connectivity platform to enable app communications from any cloud to any device


Adopting Confluent Cloud to support networking and automation across the hybrid cloud and create consumable data products for developers to leverage


DISH Wireless creates data pipelines using streaming data pipelines built with Confluent Cloud. As a result, its connectivity platform can unlock enterprise Industry 4.0 use cases across industries like retail, manufacturing, and automotive.


With Confluent Cloud, DISH Wireless has built an event-driven connectivity platform from the ground up. Now, the telco company has brought to life a cloud-native, 5G, ORAN network that makes network data accessible to today’s developer.

Traditional telco infrastructure provides enterprises and their developers with no insight into network operations and analytics. DISH Wireless has built a first-of-its-kind connectivity solution that allows developers to communicate from any cloud to any device.

As a result, enterprises can rely on DISH Wireless to unlock powerful Industry 4.0 use cases, from predictive analytics in retail to smart factory monitoring, intelligent mobility applications, and more.

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