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How Apna, India’s Largest Hiring Platform, Went from Monolith to Microservices with Confluent

Using Confluent’s out-of-the-box tools really helped us to focus on building new things, rather than solving problems in-house that have already been solved for us at scale by Confluent.

Suresh Khemka | Head of platform engineering and infrastructure


A monolithic architecture was limiting Apna’s ability to scale their hiring platform and meet the demands of a rapidly growing user base. The company chose Apache Kafka® to power a new, event-driven architecture, but lacked the bandwidth to self-manage the technology.


Apna adopted Confluent Cloud, a fully managed, cloud-native Kafka solution, to achieve the scalability needed to power real-time microservices while offloading Kafka infrastructure maintenance to the world’s foremost Kafka experts.


  • 2x increase in the speed of time to market for business solutions by using Confluent’s pre-built connectors that streamline Kafka integration with other apps and data systems
  • Elastic scaling that supports fluctuations in demand from Apna’s 30 million users
  • Resilient, highly available architecture with 99.99% uptime
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Apna is at the heart of a digital hiring startup success story that continues to unfold in India, home to the world’s second largest workforce of over 470 million people. Founded in 2019, Apna is a job marketplace and community designed to provide employment, networking, and upskilling opportunities for India’s blue- and gray-collar workers. The Apna platform currently connects 30 million job seekers to 400,000 employers across 75+ cities—and those numbers are steadily growing!

With the help of an algorithm designed by the company’s software developers, Apna’s hiring platform is able to match people to relevant jobs based on their knowledge, experience, and interests. Beyond hiring, Apna also provides users with a space to share knowledge relevant to their industry—an opportunity which has historically been scarce for India’s blue- and gray-collar professionals. “We provide peer networking to people across all verticals. From plumbers to carpenters to beauticians, you name it—they can all share tips and knowledge that will help others in their network grow their skills,” said Suresh Khemka, head of platform engineering and infrastructure at Apna.

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