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Welcome Noteable: Making Data Streaming Easier and More Approachable

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Confluent’s mission is to help our customers set data in motion with a complete data streaming platform. We've played a pivotal role in establishing Apache Kafka® as the de facto standard for data streaming while making streaming simpler, cheaper, and faster with the Kora engine. Now, we're actively engaged in helping Apache Flink® become the undisputed choice for stream processing.

One of our key initiatives is to help make application development easier for both our Kafka and Flink developers. We’re excited to share that as part of this effort to scale rapidly, we are welcoming the Noteable team to the Confluent family.

The Noteable story

Noteable has been building a collaborative data notebook to combine code, natural language, and interactive visualizations to close the gap between exploration and production in a flexible and ecosystem-friendly workspace. The team impressed us with their vision to democratize access to data, using approachable and accessible tools already familiar to data practitioners, letting users work with data the way they want. Noteable has been breaking down silos between data teams, fostering the same collaboration around data that Confluent believes in, while also endorsing and supporting open standards.

“We are thrilled to join Confluent and propel data in motion. We both share a commitment to open standards, supporting technical communities, and contributing to open source. We’ll focus on simplifying data streaming to make it accessible to all data practitioners and therefore continuing with our vision to democratize data within organizations.” — Pierre Brunelle, CEO & Co-founder, Noteable

Noteable and Confluent share the same belief that accessing, understanding, and acting on data should be universal across an organization (and between them) and we are excited to build a future where everyone is empowered by seamless data access using the tools they know and love.

What’s next

The Noteable team will help us build world-class experiences around data, including bolstering our Flink stream processing and data visualization capabilities to continuously innovate on behalf of our customers and meet them where they need us to be. 

We are excited about the opportunities ahead and cannot wait to see what we will achieve together with the Noteable team as part of the Confluent family. 

Confluent is committed to hiring world-class talent to work on our product and engineering teams. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at Confluent, check out our careers page. We’d love to chat!

  • Jon Fancey leads product management for Stream Designer at Confluent and has two decades of experience working in the app and data integration space as a developer, architect, consultant, and product leader. Prior to joining Confluent, Jon created Azure Integration Services at Microsoft, an industry-leading integration platform as a service.

Careers at Confluent

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