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Meet Sinan, Our October 2023 Confluent Champion

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Sinan Ezer Account Executive, Commercial

Account Executive Sinan Ezer will tell you that it was the energy he felt during the interview process that drew him to Confluent. Three years in, he currently leads the sales team in Turkey. 

Let’s learn more about what Sinan’s typical workday looks like, his experience of working out of the Barcelona office, and how Confluent fosters an autonomous work environment.

Tell us about your path to Confluent and what got you here? Tell us about your team and what role do you play? 

I was always into technology and started my first technology sales job when I was just 16. After graduating, I knew I wanted to work for a Silicon Valley company. Prior to Confluent, my role was very similar to that of a headhunter, where I had to find the right project for the right developer. This is where I heard about Apache Kafka for the first time.

I learnt about an opening at Confluent through a former colleague. I applied and four weeks later, in March 2020, I started as an Inbound Sales Development Representative (SDR) based out of London and covering the DACH Region.

Fast forward to now, as an Account Executive (AE) I lead the sales team in Turkey— which is part of the broader Middle East, Africa and Turkey team.

I work in our Barcelona office, and  go into the office on a daily basis. I make  a point to spend time with all our new hires and be their source of truth for anything Confluent. The work we do is challenging and I try to bring some humor and fun to ensure we have fun at work.

What made you interested in working here? What was the deciding factor? 

I always wanted to work outside of Germany and experience a fast-moving environment at work. As soon as I walked into the London office for my final round of interview, I knew I wanted to be part of this. The energy was electric!

I knew I would learn from the best and could also foresee the massive opportunity ahead of us, given we are in a fairly new space. The product and company culture really resonated with me—and I wanted to be a part of it. 

Tell us about an interesting project that you are currently working on. 

As I transitioned earlier this year from a digital native-only territory to Enterprise Accounts, I am still learning the nuances involved in delivering on our value proposition to this particular segment. 

Covering Turkey also means I need to be well-versed in the local business lingo—which can be a bit challenging at times.

What does a typical day look like as a Confluent Account Executive? 

My typical work day usually starts 90 minutes before I actually get to work, because I like to enjoy some quiet time in the morning. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee or green tea and it helps me prepare for the day ahead. 

I walk to work as my office is just 15 minutes away from where I live. And I use this time to listen to Audible or Spotify. I get my second cup of coffee as soon as I arrive and also find the time to have a quick chat with my colleagues. 

I use Trello to easily organize projects and follow a strict priority list for my tasks. I spend most of my time prospecting into greenfield accounts or keeping my existing customer relationships healthy. 

I also keep myself updated on technology trends, recent investments, and Confluent content. I also focus on building my personal brand on LinkedIn, which requires me to post interesting content for my audience. 

How would you describe Confluent’s company culture? 

When I joined Confluent, what fascinated me the most was how open-minded my colleagues were. I get to work with some of the smartest people in the business. 

I have complete freedom when it comes to how I want to structure my day and engage with prospects. This fosters fast decision-making. For example, I recently organized a Lunch and Learn in the heart of Istanbul for 85 people within four weeks. The event was a huge success.

What’s one thing you would want to see Confluent do differently? 

I would love to see us doing the Growth Kickoff in Europe (Italy maybe). Somewhere close to the beach.

  • Zion Samuel is a writer on the Brand Marketing team at Confluent. Prior to Confluent, Zion has spent several years writing for organizations in various technology and healthcare sectors.

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