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Data Streaming for Financial Services

Break down data silos across your lines of business and your entire data ecosystem. Securely share data at the speed and scale your teams and applications need to build the financial services institution of the future.

Accelerate Financial Services Innovation

From real-time payments, risk management, and fraud prevention, to innovative customer experiences and accelerated business growth, build a data architecture to thrive in the world of digitization and emerge competitively stronger.

Transform customer relationships

Curate data from anywhere to build a 360° customer profile for personalized engagement and consistent omni-channel experiences in real-time

Bring real-time to your operations

Eliminate silos and maximize the value of data, regardless of volume, wherever, whenever and however it's needed, across your enterprise

Lower your business risk

Secure, observe, govern and drive compliance of your data in motion so you can accelerate innovation while operating with confidence

Monetize your data

Share your data as a product with internal and third-party vendors to deliver innovative solutions built on high quality real-time data streams

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“We have been very satisfied with Confluent Platform as the backbone of our persistence engine. The platform has been super reliable. We have stringent requirements for real-time performance and reliability, and we have confirmed – from proof-of-concept to deployment of a cutting-edge production trading platform – that we made the right decision.”

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Chief Information Officer

Why Confluent

Build a flexible and scalable data foundation, centered around streaming, to make your data products continuously interoperable in real-time for any use case.

Build reusable data products

Combine data from anywhere with a decoupled, immutable event-driven architecture and in-stream processing

Stay fast at any load

Scale your operations to effortlessly to handle trillions of messages per day with no compromise to performance or uptime

Eliminate data inconsistencies

Maintain data contracts, prevent duplicates and guarantee consistency with zero data loss

Get AI-ready

Train ML models with real-time data that’s always streaming so your applications can act on every event with context and intelligence

Govern data end-to-end

Whether you’re creating a system of record for FINRA or complying with ISO 20022 standards, ensure integrity and confidentiality of data in motion

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How Confluent Does It

Maybe you know the problem you’re solving for, or you want to see where data streaming can take a particular use case. Here’s how you can get started.


Make real-time data streams a first class citizen and enable the continuous capture and sharing of your data in real time


Integrate data from existing systems and applications with 120+ pre-built connectors and custom connectors


Use native stream processing to continuously combine multiple data streams from across your business to build reusable data products


Make it easy to discover and consume data while ensuring data security, privacy and industry compliance


Securely share live, trustworthy data products across your teams, business units, and ecosystem

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Make Data Streaming a Reality with Our Partners

Complement your existing data investments with Confluent and push trusted data across your entire stack in real time.

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One Data Streaming Platform. Limitless Use Cases


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