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Streaming Applications

Spend less time hunting for data, bulk-exporting via data APIs, and hard coding point-to-point integrations. Build a new class of event-driven real-time applications that are modular, contextually aware, highly scalable, and resilient.

Rethink the way you treat data and services

Beat the complexity of data integration and data access to unlock the promise of microservices. Accelerate application delivery with frictionless access to reusable data products.

Eliminate tight coupling & API sprawl

Build a shared source of truth, so all your services have the most up-to-date and accurate picture of the data at large

Give your developers data autonomy

Empower your teams to take charge of their own data needs with self-service data access to high quality data products

Modernize at your pace

Incrementally refactor monoliths to microservices while staying plugged into existing apps and infrastructure

Reduce your time to market

Use serverless streaming to create and tear down lightweight apps. Enable your teams to build, test, and reuse data workflows effortlessly without wrestling with infrastructure

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Why Confluent

Build contextually aware microservices. Fuel your operational and analytical use cases with real-time data on the most secure, resilient, and scalable data streaming platform.

Event-Driven Architecture

Capture real-time events to immediately apply business logic, so your applications act and react to every event that occurs

Immutable Data and Persistence

Store and retain data infinitely for a single source of data truth, so it can be retrieved, combined, and replayed on-demand

Decoupled Design

Eliminate communication bottlenecks. Publish reusable data so any service can react to the events as they occur

Pre-defined Data Contracts

Assure schema compatibility, version control, integrity, and quality, and declaratively specify your streaming API with AsyncAPI

Data Processing on Generation

Perform stateful and stateless processing when data is produced, joining historical and real-time data streams on-the-fly

Fast, Reliable, and Flexible

Handle trillions of messages per day. Guarantee data consistency and integrity. Work in the language of your choice

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How Confluent Works

Accelerate application delivery and future proof your architecture with data streaming everywhere.


Make real-time data streams first-class citizens and enable them to be shared to one or more applications in real time


Integrate and unlock data from existing services and applications with pre-built or custom connectors and producer/consumer support


Build reusable data products by continuously aggregating, processing, and enriching them with other sources from across your business


Easily discover data, metadata, and dependencies. Centrally tag, audit, and apply policies to create trusted high-quality data products


Allow up-to-date, enriched, and trustworthy data products to be continuously consumed across hybrid cloud, multi-region, or multicloud environments

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"Within a month we had a working, production-ready application that would have taken a year to build out in the past. Our middleware layer—with Kafka and Confluent at its core—improves time-to-value, and that’s critical to our operational model and invaluable to the business."

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