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Build Connected Real-time Business Operations

Whether it’s managing inventory in real time, automating a supply chain, fending off fraud, or maximizing production efficiencies, achieve operational excellence and greater agility from data center to edge with data streaming.

Pave the way for data-centric real-time operations

Use data streams from a variety of sources, connecting what was previously unconnected to keep your operations humming in real-time and achieve step-change improvements in revenue and customer experience.

Break down data silos

Stream your data in real time to connect your old systems and applications with the new. Transform your operations to be always on.

Maximize efficiencies

Connect your teams, tools, and people just in time with trustworthy data products to improve planning, automate operations, mitigate risks and predict outcomes.

Modernize your operations

Build an incremental modernization strategy to migrate away from legacy business systems and applications to best-of-breed, with a persistent data bridge.

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Why Confluent

Build a flexible and scalable data foundation centered around streaming to make your data products continuously interoperable in real time, for whatever your use case.

Build reusable data products

Combine data from anywhere with a decoupled, immutable event-driven architecture and in-stream processing

Stay fast at any load

Scale your operations to effortlessly to handle trillions of messages per day with no compromise to performance or uptime

Eliminate data inconsistencies

Replace periodic batch jobs that duplicate data in different places at different times with a single source of real-time data truth

Mobilize your data everywhere

Keep your data in sync across all systems, applications, and datastores on any number of on-premises and cloud environments

Get AI ready

Train ML models with real-time data that’s always streaming so your applications can act on every event with context and intelligence

Operate with confidence

Ensure security, observability, compliance and confidentiality for data that’s on the move with end-to-end governance

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How Confluent Works

Enable every application, system, team and subsidiary to securely and effortlessly consume high-fidelity and trustworthy data products for all your use cases


Make real-time data streams a first- class citizen and enable them to be shared in real-time


Integrate data from existing systems and applications with 120+ pre-built connectors and custom connectors


Use native stream processing to continuously combine multiple data streams from across your business to build reusable data products


Use stream governance to make data in motion self-service, secure, compliant, trustworthy and reliable


Easily discover, consume, and securely share live trustworthy data products across your teams, business units, and ecosystem

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Make Data Streaming a Reality with Our Partners

Complement your existing data investments with Confluent and push trusted data across your entire stack in real time.

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One Data Streaming Platform. Limitless Use Cases.


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