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Confluent Platform for Google Cloud Platform

Confluent Delivers Fastest Route to Achieving Real-Time, Event-Driven Applications for Google Cloud Customers

Google and Confluent are in a partnership to deliver the best event streaming service, based on Apache Kafka, to build event driven applications and big data pipelines on Google Cloud Platform. For customers looking for a robust, cloud-based, fully managed Kafka as a Service option, Confluent Cloud on GCP provides the strongest developer platform for machine learning, A.I., and real-time streaming analytics with best of breed GCP services such as BigQuery, Cloud ML and TensorFlow while having access to the fastest, most reliable Kafka service.

Why Confluent Platform for Google Cloud Platform?

Analyze Data at Massive Scale

Use Confluent Cloud to stream data at scale and in real time to Google Cloud’s big data solutions, including BigQuery, Cloud machine learning and TensorFlow.

Provide A Persistent Bridge to Cloud

Build a real-time data pipeline between datacenters and Google Cloud, and accelerate multi-cloud adoption by making data reliably available across any cloud.

Build Event-Driven Applications

Productize the best platform for event-driven applications by combining Confluent Cloud streaming services with Google Cloud solutions including Cloud Functions, App Engine and Kubernetes.

Meet SLAs

Easily detect slow brokers, message delivery failures or unexpected latencies and other problems before they occur.

Confluent Cloud™ on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Confluent Cloud on GCP combines the leading streaming service based on Apache KafkaⓇ with best in class Google Cloud solutions for Big Data and event-driven computing.