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Compatibilidad de datos

Automatiza la gestión y validación de esquemas para Apache Kafka®

Confluent completa Kafka con la gestión de esquemas y la validación programática de esquemas para garantizar la compatibilidad de los datos entre aplicaciones e impulsar un desarrollo fiable.


Schema Registry

Schema Registry is a central repository with a RESTful interface for developers to define standard schemas and register applications to enable compatibility. Schema Registry is available as a software component of Confluent Platform or as a managed component of Confluent Cloud.

Schema Validation

Schema Validation proporciona una interfaz directa entre el broker de Kafka y Schema Registry para validar y aplicar los esquemas de forma programada. Schema Validation se puede configurar a nivel de Kafka topic. Actualmente solo está disponible en Confluent Platform.

Enable application development compatibility

Develop using standard schemas

Store and share a versioned history of all standard schemas, and validate data compatibility at the client level. Schema Registry supports Avro, JSON and Protobuf serialization formats.

Reduce operational complexity

Schema Registry reduces operational complexity in the application cycle, eliminating the need for complex coordination among teams to implement changes.

Ensure synced schemas across environments

Schema Linking provides an operationally simple way to maintain trusted, compatible data streams across hybrid and multicloud environments by sharing consistent schemas that sync in real time.

Ensure Kafka data compatibility

Schema Validation delivers a programmatic way of validating and enforcing Schema Registry schemas directly on the Kafka broker and with topic-level granularity. It provides greater control over data quality, which increases the reliability of the entire Kafka ecosystem.

Simplify enterprise schema management

Simplify management for production environments using Control Center as the GUI.

  • Manage Schema Registry: centrally create, edit and view topic schemas, and compare schema versions.
  • Configure Schema Validation: enable the feature at the topic level when creating or editing topics.