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Confluent Platform for Google Cloud Platform

Confluent Delivers Fastest Route to Achieving Real-Time, Event-Driven Applications for Google Cloud Customers

Google and Confluent are in a partnership to deliver the best event streaming service, based on Apache Kafka, to build event driven applications and big data pipelines on Google Cloud Platform. For customers looking for a robust, cloud-based, fully managed Kafka as a Service option, Confluent Cloud on GCP provides the strongest developer platform for machine learning, A.I., and real-time streaming analytics with best of breed GCP services such as BigQuery, Cloud ML and TensorFlow while having access to the fastest, most reliable Kafka service.

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Why Confluent Platform for Google Cloud Platform?

Derive insights from data in real-time

Ingest & process all your data streams for real-time analytics on Google Cloud.

Modernize data infrastructure on Google Cloud

Migrate or extend access of valuable on-prem data to leading GCP analytics services.

Increase developer agility & speed of innovation

Future proof app & data services integration for modern, decoupled apps.

Confluent Cloud™ on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud customers can accelerate their adoption of Apache Kafka® with effortless deployment options with either one of Confluent’s products and can quickly connect to the industry leading analytics services with pre-built and fully managed integrations to Google Cloud most popular analytics services.

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