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Build a digital-first government with data in motion

Power mission outcomes, better serve citizens, ensure security and compliance, enhance IT efficiency, and maximize productivity with a platform built for data in motion.

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Why Confluent?


We’ve completely re-architected Kafka for the cloud to be elastically scalable and globally available - providing a serverless, cost-effective, and fully managed service ready to deploy, operate, and scale in a matter of minutes.


Confluent completes Kafka with 120+ connectors, stream processing, enterprise security & governance, global resilience, and more, eliminating the burden and risk of building and maintaining these in-house.


Whether in the cloud, across multiple clouds, or on-prem, Confluent has you covered - best of all, you can seamlessly link it all together in real-time to create a consistent data layer across your business.

Public Sector at Current

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Building a Data Driven Culture and AI Revolution

With Gregory Little, Director, CFO Data Transformation Office, Department of Defense

Data Governance as a Service

Data Governance as a Service

With Vanessa Burckard, Enterprise Data Architect, Social Security Administration

Real-Time Inter-Agency Data Sharing With Kafka

Real-Time Inter-Agency Data Sharing With Kafka

With Rob Brown, former CTO, US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Designing a Feedback Loop for Event-Driven Data Sharing

Designing a Feedback Loop for Event-Driven Data Sharing

With Teresa Wong, Enterprise Business Information Division (EBIS), Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Monitoring Exascale Supercomputers

Monitoring Exascale Supercomputers

With Tim Osbourne, Rachel Palumbo, and Corwin Lester, Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL)

Tactical Virtual Assistance (TVA)

Tactical Virtual Assistance (TVA)

With Jubal Biggs, IoBT Team Lead, SAIC



Moving at the Speed of the Mission with Data Fabric

As the DoD presses forward with Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) programs and architectures the Air Force is working to stand up technology centers that will not only allow for the sharing of data but for the sharing of data in motion.


Confluent for the Public Sector

Confluent Public Sector knows government missions are driven by a constant stream of events, and that success depends on the ability to react as quickly as possible. Confluent offers an enterprise event streaming platform built by the original creators of Apache Kafka®.


Data in Motion Powers the Next Generation of Government

As government agencies at every level—state, local, and federal—embrace digital transformation, a complete data picture, available in real time, is critical. This “in the moment” experience will drive more effective decision-making and services.

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Secure, Mission Ready Apache Kafka with Confluent

Confluent provides enterprise security features for Apache Kafka to be secured to the standards required for our Nation's defense. We understand what it takes to harden and secure our platform for accreditation and it is our goal to help our customers meet their mission securely.

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