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10X Performance

Confluent Cloud is now up to 10x faster than Apache Kafka®. The platform’s persistent and predictable low p99 latency in production means you can deliver insights faster and build more seamless experiences than ever before. Test it for yourself!


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Our Multi-Year Journey to a 10x Faster Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud engineers walk through the complexities and common pitfalls when designing for various workloads, as well as the secrets behind the platform's massive performance gains.

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6 Features Enabling Low p99 Latencies in the Cloud

Increased Parallelism

Enhance server-side, request processing parallelism while preserving ordering semantics.

Next-Gen Replication Protocol

Efficiently minimize CPU usage and allocations with a completely rewritten replication protocol.

Enhanced Self-Balancing

Evenly auto-distribute data across the cluster and react quickly to workload changes.

Multicloud Optimizations

Seamless infra upgrades, hardware tuning, GC, and file system optimizations for max cost performance.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor end-to-end latency and service health to alert performance degradation or outage in real time.

Degradation Remediation

Mitigate degraded services by using proprietary APIs to restore performance without human intervention.

Experience 10x performance

Deploy in minutes. Enjoy $400 in free cloud credits, and then pay as you go—available on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. No credit card required.


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