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Build with Confluent

Build Confluent into your use case and accelerate your go-to-market

Enhance your service offerings by integrating real-time capabilities with the leading data streaming platform. Leverage use case accelerators, expertise from Confluent professionals, and comprehensive go-to-market resources to quickly monetize your services.

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Build on the leading data streaming platform with packaged software bundles

By developing your use case offering with Confluent's data streaming platform, you gain access to the market's most comprehensive solution for connecting, streaming, processing, and managing customer data anywhere. Our partner innovation team has developed exclusive use case accelerators for Confluent designed to tackle specific customer challenges and help you quickly monetize your certified Confluent expertise. Building joint solutions no longer requires starting from scratch, allowing for more time and resources to be dedicated to achieving customer success.

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Certify your offering with Apache Kafka®, Apache Flink®, and Confluent experts

Tap into our teams’ extensive data streaming knowledge to fine-tune your solutions. Confluent-certified use cases demonstrate to your customers that you partnered with industry-leading experts to architect their solutions with the entire Confluent stack, instilling confidence in the value you provide.

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Access go-to-market resources to drive customers to your use case

Help your customers easily deploy new use cases while expanding and expediting customer adoption through demo videos, Github repos, and more. Confluent’s sales and marketing teams will help ensure your solutions reach the right audiences, maximizing visibility and recognition in the market.


“We launched the Haystack Vishing AI Penetration Test to help banks combat a new fraud threat powered by AI voice deepfakes. Through our Build with Confluent offering, we leverage Confluent Cloud and Flink to rigorously test and evaluate the resilience of banks’ voice biometrics protection, ensuring banks can swiftly take additional steps to validate customers’ authenticity. Together, we can help banks protect their customers from today’s most sophisticated attacks.”

Thomas Lo
Founder, GoodLabs Studio

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