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Kafka: Journey from Just Another Software to Being a Critical Part of PayPal Analytics Platform

PayPal currently processes tens of billions of signals per day from different sources in batch and streaming mode. The data processing platform is the one powering these different analytical needs and use cases, not just at PayPal but our adjacencies like Venmo, Hyperwallet and iZettle. End users of this platform demand access to data insights with as much flexibility as possible to explore it with low processing latency.

One such use case is where our Switchboard(data de-multiplexer) platform where we process approximately 20 billion events daily and provide data to different teams and platforms with-in PayPal and also to platform outside PayPal for more insights. When we started building this platform Kafka was just another asynchronous message processing platform for us but we have seen it evolving to a place where its adds value not just in terms of event processing but also for platform resiliency and scalability.

Takeaway for the audience: Most people work with and have knowledge about data. With this talk I want to present information which is relevant and meaningful to the audience. Information and examples which will make it easier for attendees to understand our complex system and hopefully have some practical takeaways to use Kafka for similar problems on their hand.


Ravi Singh