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Harness Data in Motion Within a Hybrid and Multi-cloud Architecture

Explore use cases for your journey toward data in motion with Confluent and Microsoft Azure

Leading businesses have typically tried to win the data race through volume, but now that competitive edge lies in closing the time between data collection and insights. Today, digital leadership requires implementing a strategy that can connect distributed data in motion and deliver data exactly where it needs to go in real time, no matter how many places that might be. Explore new ways that your organization can thrive with a data-in-motion approach by downloading the new e-book, Harness Data in Motion Within a Hybrid and Multicloud Architecture.

Learn how you can amplify business value when you stream data by:

  • Accelerating time to market: Start streaming in minutes on Microsoft Azure, backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA and the support of leading Kafka experts.
  • Minimizing total cost of ownership. Reduce TCO up to 60% with a fully managed streaming system.
  • Democratizing streaming data: Effortlessly integrate into other data services with a wide range of prebuilt and fully managed connectors and applications

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