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Confluent and Qlik® Fast-Track Business Insights with Data in Motion

Most enterprise data is locked inside legacy mainframe systems and applications like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce. And when you’re ready to deliver data from those sources to Apache Kafka® for real-time pipelines, you face a challenge: Traditional batch replication can’t meet the demand. The solution is real-time change data capture (CDC), which captures the latest changes in data and metadata for building a transaction platform for data in motion. In this ebook, you’ll learn how Qlik CDC Streaming and Confluent work together to establish a flow of unbounded transactions from multiple sources to one or more targets. Contents include:

  • How to connect data applications and transactions to Kafka in real time
  • The pros and cons of different CDC methods
  • Sample architecture for real-time streaming data pipelines

Discover how to fuel Kafka-enabled analytics use cases—including real-time customer predictions, supply chain optimization, and operational reporting—with a real-time flow of data.

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