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Building Value - Understanding the TCO and ROI of Apache Kafka & Confluent

For a product or service to be cost effective, it must be considered to be good value, where the benefits are worth at least what is paid for them. But how do we measure this, to prove the case? Given that value can be intangible, it can be hard to quantify and may have little relationship to cost. Added to this, the open source nature of Apache Kafka means that many companies skip the requirement to build a business case for it, until it has become mission critical and demands financial and human resources.

In this presentation, Lyndon Hedderly, Team Lead of  Business Value Consulting at Confluent, will cover how Confluent works with customers to measure the business value of data streaming. By viewing this talk you will understand:

  • What do we mean by business value
  • How to measure business value
  • How to measure the value of Confluent Platform
  • How to measure the value of Confluent Cloud
  • What value can data streaming add

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