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How Intrado Transformed Conferencing with an Event-Driven Architecture

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In today’s digital economy, where differentiation is synonymous with convenience, speed, and personalization, how companies process abundant customer data is a critical lever.

Intrado was looking to launch a mission-critical global communication conferencing solution, but its existing infrastructure and architecture would not meet real-time performance requirements. The product team recognized they needed to move away from a monolithic legacy architecture to an event-driven architecture. By partnering with Confluent, Intrado adopted a universal data pipeline to act as a single source of truth for all its data and deliver on the real-time demands of the business, launching a global, event-based application in just a few months.

Hear from Intrado’s Thomas Squeo, CTO, and Confluent’s Chief Customer Officer, Roger Scott, to learn how Intrado future-proofed their architecture to support current and future real-time business initiatives.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Provide more value to customers with real-time and personalized experiences through market intelligence and social sensing
  • Reduce legacy infrastructure costs by building the most cost-effective data architecture
  • Drive innovation and increase speed to market with a complete event streaming platform that processes data streams and decouples your entire architecture
  • Leverage a cloud-first approach to scale event streaming as a capability across the entire organization

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