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Server Sent Events using Reactive Kafka and Spring Web flux

Server-Sent Events (SSE) is a server push technology where clients receive automatic server updates through the secure http connection. SSE can be used in apps like live stock updates, that use one way data communications and also helps to replace long polling by maintaining a single connection and keeping a continuous event stream going through it. We used a simple Kafka producer to publish messages onto Kafka topics and developed a reactive Kafka consumer by leveraging Spring Webflux to read data from Kafka topic in non-blocking manner and send data to clients that are registered with Kafka consumer without closing any http connections. This implementation allows us to send data in a fully asynchronous & non-blocking manner and allows us to handle a massive number of concurrent connections. We鈥檒l cover: 鈥ush data to external or internal apps in near real time 鈥ush data onto the files and securely copy them to any cloud services 鈥andle multiple third-party apps integrations


Gagan Solur Venkatesh