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Kafka Summit APAC 2021

View sessions and slides from Kafka Summit APAC 2021


Leveraging Data in Motion

  • Jun Rao, Confluent

Kafka Summit APAC 2021 Keynote: Leveraging Data in Motion - Jun Rao, Co-Founder, Confluent

Leveraging Cloud-native Managed Services

  • Wui Ngiap Foo, Grab
  • Jun Rao, Confluent

Kafka Summit APAC 2021 Keynote: Leveraging Cloud-native Managed Services for Speed, Reliability, and Scale - a conversation with Jun Rao, Co-Founder of Confluent and Wui Ngiap Foo, Head of Technology, Grab

Building an Event-driven CNS

  • Kaspar Situmorang, BRI Agro
  • Jun Rao, Confluent

Kafka Summit APAC 2021 Keynote: Building an Event-driven CNS for Digital Banking - A Conversation with Jun Rao Co-Founder of Confluent and Kaspar Situmorang, CEO, BRI Agro

Building a Modern Digital Platform at NAB

  • Leng Be, NAB
  • Jun Rao, Confluent

Summit APAC 2021 Keynote: Building a Modern Digital Platform at NAB by Harnessing the Power of an Event-driven Architecture - a conversation with Jun Rao, Co-Founder of Confluent and Leng Be, Head of MEGA, National Australia Bank

Closing Keynote: The Physics of Streaming

  • Tim Berglund, StarTree

Tim Berglund, Developer Relations, Confluent delivers the closing keynote "The Physics of Streaming" for Kafka Summit APAC 2021

Breakout Sessions

An Event-sourcing Core Banking Platform on Kafka

  • Petyo Pachunchev, Project Imagine
  • Andrew Chan, Project Imagine

The audience will learn how to use a custom client library to boost adoption, horizontally scale platforms with appropriate partitioning strategy, design a domain driven message protocol & use Kafka to increase recoverability of the system deterministically in case of crashes.

Apache Kafka and API Management / API Gateway – Friends, Enemies or Frenemies?

  • Kai Waehner, Confluent

This session explores how event streaming with Apache Kafka and API Management complement and compete with each other depending on the use case and point of view of the project team. The session concludes exploring the vision of event streaming APIs instead of RPC calls.

Better CQRS with ksqlDB

  • Anshuman Mukherjee, Airwallex

A deep dive into achieving excellent command query segregation with ksqlDB and the lessons learnt!

Blockchain and Kafka - A Modern Love Story

  • Suhavi Sandhu, Guidewire Software

In this talk, I want to explore the relationship between Blockchain and Kafka and demonstrate how the two technologies can benefit from each other. If you’re interested in the future of blockchain and love Kafka, this is definitely up your alley.

Building a Streaming Pipeline on Kubernetes Using Kafka Connect, KSQLDB & Apache Pinot

  • Mateus Oliveira, One Way Solution
  • Luan Moreno Mederios Maciel, Pythian

At this session, you're going to learn:

  • Effective Kafka deployment on Kubernetes
  • How to properly configure Kafka Connect and KSQLDB
  • Integrate Apache Pinot to answer OLAP queries

Building More Reliable Data Pipelines for Nearmap's Deep Learning Models: An Evolutionary Case Study

  • Samanvay Karambhe, Nearmap
  • Suneeta Mall, Nearmap

In this session, we will go into details of the challenges we encountered, the lessons we learned, what we improved, and lastly; are we on vacation yet?

Enhancing Apache Kafka for Large Scale Real-Time Data Pipeline at Tencent

  • Kahn Chen, Tencent
  • Thirteen Wang, Tencent

In this session we share our experience of building a real-time data pipelines at Tencent PCG - one that handles 20 trillion daily messages with 700 clusters and 100Gb/s bursting traffic from a single app.

🚂 On Track with Apache Kafka: Building a Streaming ETL Solution with Rail Data

  • Robin Moffatt, Confluent

Do you want to know what streaming ETL actually looks like in practice? Or what you can REALLY do with Apache Kafka once you get going—using config & SQL alone?

Getting Up to Speed with MirrorMaker 2

  • Michael Maison, IBM
  • Ryanne Dolan , LinkedIn

More and more Enterprises are relying on Apache Kafka to run their businesses. Cluster administrators need the ability to mirror data between clusters to provide high availability and disaster recovery.

How Much Can You Connect?

  • Bhavesh Raheja, Disney + Hotstar

We will walk through our decisions of using one cluster vs many and how the improvements in the connect ecosystem like incremental rebalancing have allowed us to scale to thousands of connects.

Kafka and GraphQL: Misconceptions and Connections

  • Gerard Klijs, Open Web

GraphQL is a powerful way to bridge the gap between frontend and backend. Providing a typed API with introspection. This can be used for code generation or code completion.

Kafka Tiered Storage

  • Satish Duggana, Uber
  • Sriharsha Chintalapani, Uber

Kafka is a vital part of data infrastructure in many organizations. When the Kafka cluster grows and more data is stored in Kafka for a longer duration, several issues related to scalability, efficiency, and operations become important to address.

Mistakes - I’ve Made a Few. Blunders in Event-driven Architecture

  • Simon Aubury, Simple Machines

Building systems around an event-driven architecture is a powerful pattern for creating awesome data intensive applications. Apache Kafka simplifies scalability and provides an event-driven backbone for service architectures.

Real-time Analytics with Upsert Using Apache Kafka and Apache Pinot

  • Yupeng Fui, Uber

Apache Kafka is used as the primary message bus for propagating events and logs across Uber. In particular, it pairs with Apache Pinot, a real-time distributed OLAP datastore, to deliver real-time insights seconds after the messages produced to Kafka.

Retrofit Your Java App with a Reactive Flow Pipeline

  • Fabio Tiriticco, Fontem Ventures B.V
  • Mary Grygleski, IBM

Legacy applications that were developed in bygone days may appear to be close to unsalvageable. In reality, these applications are still running in production and carrying out the important day-to-day missions for their respective companies.

Scaling a Core Banking Engine Using Apache Kafka

  • Peter Dudbridge, Thought Machine

Core banking is one of the last bastions for the mainframe. As many other industries have moved to the cloud, why are most of the world’s banks yet to follow?

Self-service Events & Decentralised Governance with AsyncAPI: A Real World Example

  • Allan Froy, Allan Froy Consulting
  • David Mitchell, Bank of New Zealand

Despite great advances in Kafka's SaaS offerings it can still be challenging to create a sustainable event-driven ecosystem.

Sharing Data Among Microservices: How Change Data Capture with Kafka Connect Came to Our Rescue

  • Ali Nazemian, Brolly
  • Milad Vadood, Brolly

Fully embracing the “one database per microservice” principle can present challenges for the management of data across the whole ecosystem.

The Log of All Logs: Raft-based Consensus Inside Kafka

  • Guozhang Wang, Confluent

Kafka organizes data as immutable append-only logs at its core, and relied on external consensus services (a.k.a. Zookeeper) to manage the metadata

Use ksqlDB to migrate core-banking processing from batch to streaming

  • Mark Teehan, Confluent

Core banking systems are batch oriented: typically with heavy overnight batch cycles before business opens each morning.

Lightning Talks

Event & Data Mesh as a Service: Industrializing Microservices in the Enterprise

  • Pavan Keshavamurthy, Platformatory

In this session, we explore how the central nervous system can be used to build a mesh topology & unified catalog of enterprise wide events, enabling development teams to build event driven architectures faster & better.

High Available Task Scheduling Design using Kafka and Kafka Streams

  • Naveen Kumar Kanagaraj, Tesco

We will explore a high available and fault-tolerant task scheduling infrastructure using Kafka, Kafka Streams, and State Store."

Kafka Observability with Elastic Stack

  • Aravind Putrevu, Elastic

There are many ways to use Kafka alongside the Elastic Stack, which is what this talk will cover.

We'll also see how to leverage hints to allow you to automatically monitor new instances of Kafka, use Ingest pipelines for parsing data, visualizing it with Kibana in Elastic Observability.

Maximizing the Capabilities of Kafka – Real-Time Streaming of Event-Driven Data

  • Sanjai Marimadaiah, Push Technology

Push Technology, a verified gold technology partner, developed the Diffusion Kafka Adapter. The presentation will provide real-world examples of how the adapter is used to power Kafka in an event-driven world.

Oops! I Started a Broker

  • Yinon Kahta, Taboola

What happened when our biggest and most important Kafka cluster went rogue? While trying to recover it, a single, crucial misconfiguration made things even worse. This session is the story of how we learned the hard way about mitigating cluster failures with the proper configurations in place.

Should You Read Kafka as a Stream or in Batch? Should You Even Care?

  • Ido Nadler, Nielsen
  • Opher Dubrovsky, Nielsen

We’ll cover:

  • Costs of processing in stream compared to batch
  • Scaling up for bursts and reprocessing
  • Making the tradeoff between wait times and costs
  • Recovering from outages
  • And much more...

Speed-Up Kafka Delivery with AsyncAPI & Microcks

  • Hugo Guerrero, Red Hat

We have the AsynAPI specification to document the endpoints where the schema of the records become the main part of the contract payload. Microcks allows us to deploy a testing and mocking platform to have a unified view of the endpoints to speed-up application delivery.

Supercharge Your Real-time Event Processing with Neo4j's Streams Kafka Connector

  • Ljubica Lazarevic, Neo4j

In this session we’ll show you how to get up and running with Neo4j Streams to show you how to sink and source between graphs and streams.

The Digital Decoupling Journey

  • John Kriter, Accenture

Confluent has worked with Accenture in the creation of our Digital Decoupling strategy. Leveraging CDC technologies to allow data access without modifying the core, organizations are now able to easily access data they previously would struggle to marshal.

The Four Quadrant Model of Monitoring Streaming Data Infrastructure

  • Praveen Yedidi, Crowdstrike

In this talk we will explore how we realised that vision of production readiness at scale by categorising the open source and internal tools we use into 4 quadrants.

  1. Observability
  2. Availability
  3. Operability
  4. Data Quality

Detect Fraud Successfully with GrabDefence!

  • Muqi Li, Grab

Billions of fraud and safety detections are performed daily as there are millions of transactions happening every day and thus storing and querying the data of a database in real-time is not feasible. So come listen to us how we use Apache Kafka to detect fraud successfully!


Mesh-ing around with Streams across the Enterprise

  • Phil Scanlon, Solace Corporation

Join us to see how you can discover event streams from your Kafka clusters, import them to a catalog to see alongside other enterprise event streams and leverage code gen capabilities to ease development.

Secure and Integrated - Using IAM with Amazon MSK

  • Mitchell Henderson, Ditto.Live

Secure and Integrated - Using IAM with Amazon MSK

Rethinking Geo-replication for the Cloud

  • Luke Knepper, Confluent

Come hear how these learnings inspired our new product, Cluster Linking, to make geo-replication simple, consistent, and cloud-native.

Kubernetes Connectivity to Cloud Native Kafka

  • Christina Lin, Red Hat
  • Evan Shortiss, Red Hat

In this session, we will show you how easy we have made streaming data with great user experience. Flexible resource management with our new secret weapon in the Apache Camel project -- Kamelet.

Better Kafka Performance Without Changing Any Code

  • Simon Ritter

We'll explore how making changes to the JVM design can eliminate the problems of garbage collection pauses and raise the throughput of applications. For cloud-based Kafka applications, this can deliver both lower latency and reduced infrastructure costs. All without changing a line of code!

Druid + Kafka: transform your data-in-motion to analytics-in-motion

  • Gian Merlino, Imply

This talk is based on our real-world experiences building out streaming analytics stacks powering production use cases across many industries.

How to Achieve Data in Motion Expertise

  • Mario Sanchez, Confluent

Join us for a talk with Confluent's Head of Education, Mario Sanchez, as he discusses how we've successfully transformed business through a prescriptive approach to enablement. We invite you to join the live Q&A that follows, to discuss how enablement can benefit your organization.

Hybrid Streaming Analytics for Apache Kafka Users

  • Firat Tekiner, Google

The data that organizations are required to analyze in order to make informed decisions is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Should we manage events like APIs?

  • Kim Clark, IBM
  • Alan Chatt, IBM

APIs have become ubiquitous as a way of exposing the capabilities of the enterprise both internally and externally. However, are APIs alone enough?

Streaming data in the cloud with Confluent and MongoDB Atlas

  • Robert Waters, MongoDB

In this session you will learn how to setup and configure the Confluent Cloud with MongoDB Atlas.

Integrating Confluent and Azure – Kickstart event streaming between Azure Cosmos DB and Confluent Cloud

  • Ramya Orunganti, Microsoft

Come learn about the newly available self-managed Azure Cosmos DB connector to safely deliver data and events in real time. We will also demonstrate on how to quickly setup your data pipelines with the all new connector.


Applying ML on your Data in Motion with AWS and Confluent

  • Joseph Morais, Confluent
  • Kanchan Waikar, Amazon Web Services

Join experts from Confluent and AWS to learn how to build Apache Kafka®-based streaming applications backed by machine learning models. Adopting the recommendations will help you establish repeatable patterns for high performing event-based apps.

Azure Labs: Confluent on Azure Container Services & Real-time Search with Redis

  • Alicia Moniz, Confluent
  • Ramya Orunganti, Microsoft

Azure Labs: Confluent on Azure Container Services & Real-time Search with Redis