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Data in Motion Tour: Bay Area 2021

View sessions and slides from Data in Motion Tour: Bay Area 2021.

Data in Motion Tour

Welcome to the Data in Motion Tour

  • Jun Rao, Confluent

Jun Rao, Confluent co-founder, explains the shift to digital first and how every day experiences are being transformed by orchestrated software services working together. Hear how Confluent enables data in motion, a real-time event streaming platform to modernize your data infrastructure.

Five Ways to Get Event-Driven Architecture Right

  • Anna McDonald, Confluent

Hear from Confluent's Principal Customer Success Technical Architect, Anna McDonald, on the five ways to get event-driven architecture right. Learn how and when to use event-driven architecture, and when not to. Leverage lessons learned to allow you to get it right.

Nutanix & Confluent

  • Anna McDonald, Confluent
  • Parag Kulkarni, Nutanix

Join Anna McDonald, Principal Customer Success Technical Architect at Confluent and Parag Kulkarni, SVP of SaaS Engineering at Nutanix to hear how Nutanix has evolved from legacy on-prem systems to an event streaming platform and what benefits they are realizing from their current architecture.

Streaming Analytics on AWS

  • Jobin George, AWS

Jobin George, Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, talks about the components and benefits of real-time data streaming analytics on AWS.

Streaming data in the cloud with Confluent and MongoDB Atlas

  • Rory Pruvot, MongoDB

Rory Pruvot, Solutions Architect at MongoDB, discusses streaming data in the cloud with Confluent and MongoDB Atlas. Hear a use case on how Daimler leveraged the document model in MongoDB to modernize their data architecture.