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Hands On Real Time Data Streaming Workshop – San Francisco

Meet with an Expert

Meet with an Apache Kafka expert and get hands-on experience operationalizing Apache Kafka use case for your environment. By registering, we will get you connected with an expert to do the following:

  • Start with a 30-Minute Virtual consultation to discuss your needs, intended use cases, how your team currently uses or intends to use Apache Kafka, and what your goals are during the Workshop.
  • Follow up with an onsite (or virtual) 1-2 Hour Apache Kafka Workshop to learn how to operationalize your use cases with an Apache Kafka data streaming expert.


Rachel Pedreschi

Worldwide Director of Field Engineering

Rachel Pedreschi is the Field Engineering Director at Imply Data. A "Big Data Geek-ette," Rachel is no stranger to the world of big data, fast data, and everything in between. She is a Vertica-, Informix-, and Redbrick-certified DBA on top of her work with Apache Cassandra, Apache Ignite, and Apache Druid. She has more than 20 years of high-performance database experience. Rachel has an MBA from San Francisco State University and a BA in Mathematics from University of California, Santa Cruz.

Josh Treichel

Partner Solutions Architect

Josh Treichel is a Partner Solutions Architect at Confluent. As a software engineer he’s spent over 10 years building, integrating and supporting complex systems. He previously worked on Confluent’s Customer Operations team supporting some of the largest Kafka/Confluent deployments in the world.

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