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Optimove Builds Real-time Customer Data Platform with Always-Up-To-Date Customer Views using Confluent Cloud

芦Confluent Cloud es la infraestructura principal que nos permite hacer realidad nuestra idea de tener una vista 煤nica y siempre actualizada con los datos de los clientes y nuestra perspectiva de los recorridos de optimizaci贸n autom谩tica en tiempo real, que maximizar谩 la evoluci贸n al identificar la campa帽a 贸ptima para cada cliente禄.

Shai Frank | Vicepresidente de Producto


Expand the real-time customer data platform capabilities of an industry-leading Relationship Marketing Hub


Use real-time event streaming with Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka to maintain always-up-to-date views of customer data and support machine learning algorithms that maximize campaign effectiveness


  • New business opportunities opened
  • Stress on external IT systems cut by 90%
  • Administrative overhead reduced by one FTE

Optimove, the Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub, helps customer-centric businesses drive growth using its real-time customer data platform (CDP) that ingests customer data from multiple sources and transforms it autonomously into actionable insights at scale. Optimove combines predictive customer analytics, AI optimization technologies, and a multichannel campaign orchestration engine, enabling marketers to consistently target customers with the right message at the right time via the most effective channels.

With the recent acquisition of Axonite, Optimove has expanded the real-time data capabilities of its platform with an event streaming framework based on Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka. This event-driven architecture is enabling Optimove to offer its clients real-time customer 360 data synchronization between the Optimove platform and customer systems, real-time self-optimizing journeys that take into account the predicted uplift of various campaigns for each customer, and event-based triggers that activate campaigns based on external events, such as a sold-out product being back in stock.

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Confluent Cloud to save time and money by reducing operational overhead and allowing for real-time processing and easy scalability of event data.


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