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Confluent Connectors

Goodbye data silos, hello real-time connectivity

Kafka Connect allows you to integrate Apache Kafka® with other apps and data systems with no new code. Confluent takes it one step further by offering an extensive portfolio of pre-built Kafka connectors, enabling you to modernize your entire data architecture even faster with powerful integrations on any scale. Our connectors also provide peace-of-mind with enterprise-grade security, reliability, compatibility, and support.

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What do you want to connect?

Connect your data in motion more quickly, securely, and reliably with 120+ pre-built connectors. See our complete list of fully managed connectors.





Microsoft SQL server (JDBC)

Azure Blob Storage




Amazon S3

Amazon Redshift

AWS Lambda

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Spanner

PostgreSQL (JDBC)


Oracle CDC

Splunk S2S

Enable real-time data streams for modern, cloud-based applications

Quickly and reliably integrate Confluent with popular sources and sinks

Avoid the ~3-6 engineering months needed to design, build, test, and maintain each connector

Modernize your infrastructure stack by easily connecting legacy systems to modern, cloud-based technologies

Product overview

120+ pre-built connectors

Quickly connect to critical enterprise applications, databases, and systems of records by using out-of-the-box, expert-certified connectors.

Fully managed and cloud-native

Free your resources from the operational burdens of managing your own connectors by leveraging our fully managed service in Confluent Cloud.

Data compatibility and governance

Guarantee data compatibility by preserving the correct data schemas. Ensure all your integrated data is in the same standardized format needed to reliably scale across multiple lines of business.

Expert-built and tested

Whether developed or certified by Confluent, rest assured that every connector has been thoroughly vetted and verified by our Kafka experts. Save ~3-6 engineering months of designing, building, testing, and maintaining each custom connector.

Enterprise-level support

Have access to expert guidance 24/7 for faster issue resolution and bug fixes. Confluent’s experts are here not only to support your Confluent connector needs, but any needs across your entire platform for data in motion.

Industry-leading security

Simplify enterprise-scale security by authorizing access to specific connectors for individual users or teams through Role-Based Access Control, reducing your risk of security incidents and breaches.

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Scott Lee

Enterprise Architect

“We have the ability to connect to virtually any source and get the data out and put it into Kafka topics. That’s very powerful for us.”

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