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Why Data Streaming Is Essential To Your Data Strategy

Read the “2023 Data Streaming Report: Moving Up the Maturity Curve” and see how data streaming is delivering massive real-world benefits:

  • IT leaders are driving up to 10x ROI
  • 73% of organizations are seeing increased profitability

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Explore the Landscape of Stream Processing Solutions and Unleash the Power of Real-Time Data

Businesses are tapping into real-time data processing to drive better decision making and fuel mission-critical applications. Read Gartner® “Market Guide for Event Stream Processing“ for insights on navigating the growing landscape of tools and platforms.

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Webinar: IDC Reveals Gen AI Insights

Learn about the pivotal role of data in the ever-evolving landscape of generative AI capabilities

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Next-Gen AI Apps Are Here

Discover how data streaming fuels real-time artificial intelligence

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Data-Driven Animated Adventures

Watch our heroes take on the Batch Gang and fight to unlock real-time streaming

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Michelin keeps the world moving... Confluent keeps their data moving!

See how Michelin fueled their global inventory management system with real-time data and saved 35% in operations costs by adopting Confluent Cloud.

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Instacart scales to serve with Confluent

See how Instacart used Confluent Cloud to scale their grocery service, optimize inventory availability, and cost-effectively serve hundreds of thousands of new customers over a six-week period.

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Banking made 10x better with Confluent

See how 10x Banking is fueling their digital core banking platform with Confluent Cloud, allowing them to innovate quickly, go to market at record speeds, and provide hyper-personalized customer experiences.

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Data Streaming Fuels Innovation Across Every Industry


Learn how manufacturers are transforming the way they harness and drive value from their data—from boosting supply chain visibility to enhancing the customer experience.

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Financial Services

Discover the advantages of real-time data streaming in financial services, whether it’s reducing costs, instant fraud detection, or increasing revenue at scale.

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Curious how retail businesses are enhancing the buying experience and driving revenue with real-time use cases? See how they’re turning data into dollars with data streaming.

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Data streaming platforms…to build or to buy?

Is it time to offload your data streaming tasks to a fully managed data streaming platform? Follow this visual guide to find out.