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Data Streaming for Real-time Artificial Intelligence

Build next-generation data intensive AI applications with a next generation data streaming platform. Tap into continuously enriched trustworthy data streams to quickly scale and build real-time AI applications.

Build a Real-time Data Foundation for AI

Make real-time contextual inferences on an astonishing amount of data by bringing well curated, highly governed, trustworthy streaming data to your AI systems, vector databases, and AI-powered applications.

Create a real-time knowledge base

Build a shared source of real-time truth for all your operational and analytical data, no matter where it lives for sophisticated model building and fine-tuning

Bring real-time context at query time

Convert raw data into meaningful chunks with real-time enrichment and continually update your embedding databases for your GenAI use cases

Experiment, scale and innovate faster

Reduce innovation friction as new AI apps and models become available. Decouple data from your data science tools and production AI apps to test and build faster

Build governed, secured, and trusted AI

Establish data lineage, quality and traceability, providing all your teams with a clear understanding of data origin, movement, transformations and usage

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Why Confluent

Bring real-time, well formatted and highly governed data streams to power your AI applications and promote data reusability, engineering agility and greater trust.

Event-driven design

Capture real-time events and convert them to appropriate embeddings, so your AI tools, apps and models can apply business logic just-in-time

Decoupled architecture

Enable one or more AI systems and apps, today and tomorrow, to consume exactly the data they need, in the format they need it in, and whenever they need it

Immutable data and persistence

Aggregate and store all your data infinitely for a single source of truth, so it can be retrieved, enriched, and reused on-demand for all your AI use cases

Fast and reliable at any load

Scale to handle trillions of messages per day with no compromise to performance and uptime.  Guarantee data consistency and integrity

Data processing on generation

Refine your data as it is produced. Derive new streams from existing streams and assure schema compatibility for downstream consumers

Robust security and governance

Track, tag, and encrypt data on the move, meeting regulatory, security, trust, and fidelity requirements with end-to-end governance

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How We Do It

Stream all your data in real-time from everywhere, curate and govern them while in flight and set it in motion to deliver production-scale AI-powered applications faster.


Make real-time data streams first-class citizens and enable them to be shared to one or more AI systems and applications in real time


Integrate data from and to existing services and apps with 120+ pre-built and custom connectors, including integrations with leading AI tools


Use ksqlDB and Flink to enrich relevant data streams on-the-fly. Use OpenAI from within FlinkSQL to interrogate and transform data with natural language


Centrally manage , audit, and apply policies with Stream Governance. Secure data in transit with private networking across all the major public clouds


Allow up-to-date, enriched, and trustworthy data to be continuously consumed across hybrid cloud, multi-region, or multicloud environments

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“We built an AI platform designed for mission-critical use cases—in industries where businesses simply can’t afford to be wrong. Our interactive reasoning engine requires a continuous supply of data that’s reliable, trustworthy, and fresh. Confluent’s data streaming platform makes that possible, and enables us to mix and match data from different systems and optimize it for contextually rich insights and answers in real time.”

David Ferrucci
CEO and Cofounder


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