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Stream Designer - build Apache Kafka® pipelines visually

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Data pipelines continue to do the heavy-lifting in data integration. In order to immediately act on insights, companies turn to Apache Kafka® to replace legacy, batch-based pipelines with streaming data pipelines. There are still major challenges with building reusable data pipelines on open-source Kafka, like an overreliance on specialized Kafka engineering talent and cumbersome development cycles. These bottlenecks limit the speed at which teams can set data in motion.

Confluent’s Stream Designer is a new visual canvas for rapidly building, testing, and deploying streaming data pipelines powered by Kafka. You can quickly and easily build pipelines graphically or with SQL, leveraging built-in integrations with fully managed connectors, ksqlDB for stream processing, and Kafka topics. Join this Stream Designer webinar Wednesday, October 19th to learn how it will enable you to:

  • Boost developer productivity by reducing the need to write boilerplate code
  • Unlock a unified, end-to-end view that allows you to update and maintain pipelines throughout their lifecycle
  • Accelerate real-time initiatives across teams with sharable and reusable pipelines

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