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A developer-optimized distribution of Apache Kafka™. 100% open source.

Confluent Open Source Confluent, founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka™ at LinkedIn, created a more complete distribution of Kafka, adding schema management, connectors, clients, and the highest level of testing in the industry. Download

Why Confluent Open Source?



Confluent and partner vendors offer tested and secure connectors for many popular data systems. Connectors make it quick and easy to start setting up reliable data pipelines.

Our connectors are all fully integrated with the platform, namely the schema registry.

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  • NameTypeDescription
  • HDFSsinkHDFS, Hadoop, Hive
  • JDBCsourceJDBC, MySQL
  • ElasticsearchsinkSearch, Elastic, Log, Analytics
  • DataStaxsink Cassandra, DataStax
  • Attunity source CDC
  • Amazon S3sinkExport data from Kafka topics to S3 objects
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Multi-Language Support

Confluent Open Source includes clients that allow your Kafka cluster to talk to applications written in Java, C/C++, .NET, JMS and Python.

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multi-language support

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