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Confluent Connectors

Goodbye data silos, hello real-time connectivity

Kafka Connect allows you to integrate Apache Kafka® with other apps and data systems with no new code. Confluent takes it one step further by offering an extensive portfolio of pre-built Kafka connectors, enabling you to modernize your entire data architecture even faster with powerful integrations on any scale. Our connectors also provide peace-of-mind with enterprise-grade security, reliability, compatibility, and support.

Announcing Custom Connectors

Break any data silo without needing to manage Kafka Connect infrastructure by bringing your own connector plugins to Confluent Cloud

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What do you want to connect?

Seamlessly and securely connect your entire tech stack with a rich portfolio of connectors built by the Kafka experts. See our complete list of fully managed connectors, ready to deploy with just a few clicks.


Amazon S3

Google Cloud Storage

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2

Databricks Delta Lake



Google BigQuery

Amazon Redshift

Azure Synapse Analytics






Azure Cosmos DB

Oracle DB

Amazon DynamoDB

Google Cloud Spanner









Oracle CDC

Splunk S2S

IBM Generic

IBM MQ on z/OS

Easily access data streams within your favorite applications

connect with confluent

Beyond connectors, Confluent’s technology partners have built native integrations with Confluent on their platforms so you can access your data streams from directly within their applications.

Free your teams from writing boilerplate code and focus on building real-time applications

Save ~3-6 engineering months from designing, building, testing, and maintaining each connector

Modernize your tech stack by easily bridging legacy systems to cloud-based technologies

Eliminate operational burden & risk while reducing your total cost of ownership with fully managed connectors

Why Confluent Connectors?

120+ expert-built and tested connectors

Avoid the ~3-6 engineering months of design, build, and maintenance time for each connector. Premium connectors save you ~12-24 engineering months by enabling highly complex integrations with legacy data stores.

Managed connectors for any system

Free your teams from the perpetual burdens of managing your own connectors the largest portfolio of 70+ pre-built and fully managed connectors in the market. Have unique requirements or custom apps? Bring your own connector plugins and let us manage the Connect infrastructure with Custom Connectors.

Rich productivity features

Streamline your developer workflows with connector logs for easy debugging, data previews for config testing, and single message transforms (SMT) for in-flight data transformations like masking and filtering. Build streaming data pipelines visually in minutes using Stream Designer.

Change Data Capture (CDC) capabilities

Leverage our CDC source connectors for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Salesforce for continuous real-time syncs with other mission-critical data systems, keeping dashboards and data warehouses up to date with the latest customer or operational data.

Data governance and security

Guarantee data compatibility by preserving the correct schemas to ensure your streaming data meets standardized formats. Leverage static egress IPs for secure network connectivity in the cloud.

Committer-driven support

Confidently power all of your mission-critical streaming apps and pipelines with 24/7 support from the experts with 1M+ hours of Kafka experience

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Only Confluent Cloud offers 70+ expert-built connectors that are fully managed across the stack

Confluent abstracts away connector infrastructure complexities by managing internal topics, configurations, monitoring, and security so you don’t have to. All while elastically scaling to meet your ever-growing demands. While other cloud-hosted Kafka services may offer managed connectors, they either are not truly “fully managed” – requiring you to take on additional connector DevOps burdens and risks – or lack the breadth of connectors you’ll need for your tech stack.

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Technical Lead

“Confluent provides exactly what we dreamed of: an ecosystem of tools to source and sink data from data streams. It's provided us not only with great data pipeline agility and flexibility but also a highly simplified infrastructure thats allowed us to reduce costs.”

Ready to get started?

Doc confluent connectors

Docs: Fully Managed Connectors


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