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Confluent Advantage

Confluent is the only streaming platform based entirely on Apache Kafka. Download Confluent Open Source for free to get started on your first streaming project. Or choose Confluent Enterprise with a 30-day trial license and discover what a production-ready streaming platform can really do.


Apache KafkaConfluent Open SourceConfluent Enterprise
Apache Kafka High throughput, low latency, high availability, secure distributed streaming platform
Kafka Connect API Advanced framework for connecting external sources/destinations into Kafka
Kafka Streams API Simple library that enables streaming application development within the Kafka framework
Additional Clients Supports non-Java clients; C, C++, Python, etc.
REST Proxy Provides universal access to Kafka from any network connected device via HTTP
Schema Registry Central registry for the format of Kafka data – guarantees all data is always consumable
Pre-Built Connectors HDFS, JDBC, Elasticsearch and other connectors fully certified and supported by Confluent
Confluent Control Center Enables easy connector management and stream monitoring
Auto-data Balancing Rebalances data across your cluster to remove bottlenecks
Multi-datacenter Replication Simplifies and automates multi-datacenter cluster management
Support Enterprise class support to keep your Kafka environment running at top performanceCommunityCommunity24x7x365
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Apache Kafka

The Apache streaming platform comprised of Kafka Core, Kafka Streams, and Kafka Connect is the foundation of the Confluent Platform.

Kafka components enable the capture, movement, processing and storage of data streams in a distributed, fault-tolerant fashion across a large organization in real time.

Confluent Platform Overview

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