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Stream Governance

Discover, understand, and trust your data in motion

Confluent’s Stream Governance suite establishes trust in the data streams moving throughout your cloud environments and delivers an easy, self-service experience for more teams to discover, understand, and put streaming data to work.

Share the power of real-time data across your organization

Governance for data in motion is the key to fostering the collaboration and knowledge sharing necessary to become an event-centric business while remaining compliant within an ever-evolving landscape of data regulations. Bring the power of real-time data streams to your business safely and confidently with Stream Governance, the industry’s only fully managed data governance suite for data in motion and Apache Kafka®.

Andreas Piefke

Head of Cloud Architecture
Judo Bank

"Running a modern bank serving fast growing enterprises requires data in motion we can trust. Schema registry allows us to provide customers with reliable, real-time experiences for tasks like loan processing while we maintain focus on furthering innovations. We’re excited about new discovery capabilities within Stream Governance which will enable us to expand data in motion across teams and operate like a truly event-centric business."

Accelerate your streaming data initiatives

Confluent provides the only governance solution designed for the intricacies of streaming data, allowing teams to expand usage of real-time data without bypassing requirements for risk management and regulatory compliance.

Stream quality

Deliver trusted, high-quality event streams to the business and maintain data integrity as applications evolve

  • Schema registry with 99.5% uptime SLA
  • Client- and server-side schema validation
  • Schema evolvability rules to accommodate event streams changing overtime
  • Share schemas across cloud and hybrid environments that sync in real time with schema linking
  • Support for Avro, Protocol Buffers, and JSON serialization formats
  • User friendly schema management within the Confluent Cloud UI

Stream catalog

Increase collaboration and productivity with self-service data discovery that allows teams to classify, organize, and find the event streams they need

  • Self-service search & discovery of schemas, fields, topics, and more
  • Automated metadata collection organized within an environment-wide catalog that resides within your region of choice
  • Custom data classifications & tagging across fields and schemas
  • Stream catalog is available through the Confluent Cloud UI and API

Stream lineage

Understand complex data relationships and uncover more insights with interactive, end-to-end maps of event streams

  • Automated, end-to-end, graphical event stream maps
  • Step-by-step inspection of event streams from source to destination
  • Lineage maps accessed through specific entities like topics and connectors or through a global view of all event streams within a cluster
  • Easy download and export of stream lineage maps
  • Real-time throughput metrics

Balance trust and innovation with a life cycle for streaming data governance

data governance image

Maintain enterprise-grade cloud security & compliance

Expanded use of any data within your business increases the importance of data safety. From data encryption to private networking and Cluster RBAC to audit logs, Confluent equips teams with the complete set of data management tools needed to launch data-in-motion apps faster while upholding strict security and compliance requirements.

Manage data compatibility for on-premises workloads with Schema Registry for Confluent Platform.

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