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Our technology partners provide their customers with the best experience for working with real-time data—all through a single integration with the cloud-native and complete data streaming platform, Confluent Cloud.

Your Customers Need Data Streaming to Innovate & Grow

Data streaming enables businesses to continuously process their data in real time for improved workflows, more automation, and superior, digital experiences for end consumers. When integrated with Confluent, you provide your customers the best, most complete experience for working with real-time data streams from across their entire business.

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“With Confluent Cloud now accessible within BigQuery, customers can easily stream and analyze data in real-time from across cloud and hybrid environments. Our mission is to keep data open, flexible, and secure, and our partnership with Confluent will streamline data management and free up resources that can be reallocated toward other digital transformation projects.”

Manish Dalwadi
Director of Product Management, BigQuery, Google Cloud

Power Streaming Use Cases

Enable low latency workloads from any source or sink with high-quality, serverless data streams and no data-at-rest pit stops.

Simple Data Access

Unlock new streaming use cases with ease when Confluent data streams are embedded directly within your application where users are already working.

Global Availability

Ingest all your customers’ data, wherever it resides, with a data streaming solution that spans across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid/multicloud environments.

End-to-End Streaming

Allow customers to skip data-at-rest pit stops in cloud storage buckets and deliver against consumer expectations for end-to-end real-time experiences.

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Accelerate Consumption & Growth

Unlock customer productivity by integrating with a complete data streaming platform managed by the Kafka experts.

Complete Data Streaming Solution

Confluent provides your customers with a complete, fully managed data streaming platform that is available everywhere their data and applications reside.

Increased Customer Productivity

Confluent Cloud is proven to lower Kafka costs by up to 60%, giving customers more time and resources back to develop net-new applications on your platform.

Committer-Led Support

Partner with Confluent’s team of technical experts with more than 1M cumulative hours of Kafka expertise to support your new data streaming capabilities.

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Supercharge Your GTM Strategy

Amplify your marketing efforts & identify more selling opportunities by partnering with the data streaming leader.

Expert Partner Marketing

Launch and bring to market your new data streaming capabilities alongside the industry leader and original creators of Kafka.

120+ Connectors

Land and expand accounts faster and easier with support for 120+ pre-built source & sink connectors covering the entire data streaming ecosystem.

OSS Apache Kafka® Targeting

Leverage sales and marketing tooling built specifically for data streaming pipeline generation and conversion of open source Kafka users.

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