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Confluent for Automotive

Hit the accelerator and kick your digital transformation into the next gear. Set data in motion and power smart cars, connected supply chain, and personalized consumer experiences.

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Modernizing the Auto Industry

The traditional automotive business model is being challenged by fast-changing customer needs, autonomous and self-driving vehicles, pervasive connectivity, and environmental regulations. Data is key to your success but legacy data infrastructure is slow, complex, and hinders transformation.

Confluent’s data streaming platform empowers organizations in the automotive industry to easily access data as real-time streams, unlock legacy data, and integrate data silos.

Why Confluent

Build a flexible and scalable data foundation, centered around streaming, to make your data products continuously interoperable in real time for any use case.

Build reusable data products

Combine data from anywhere with a decoupled, immutable event-driven architecture and in-stream processing

Stay fast at any load

Scale your operations to effortlessly to handle trillions of messages per day with no compromise to performance or uptime

Eliminate data inconsistencies

Maintain data contracts, prevent duplicates and guarantee consistency with zero data loss

Get AI-ready

Train ML models with real-time data that’s always streaming so your applications can act on every event with context and intelligence

Govern data end-to-end

Leverage the only fully managed governance suite for Apache Kafka to share data streams faster while ensuring integrity and security of data

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Use Cases with Confluent

Reimagine customer experiences. Engage digitally. Drive efficiencies. Future-proof for scale.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Use real-time data (e.g., traffic, weather, parking) to deliver personalized customer experiences and send timely notifications. Consolidate data from disjointed systems to get a complete unified view of customers to provide enhanced dealership and customer contact center experiences.

Smart Supply Chain and Smart Factory

Enable real-time inventory by connecting systems and applications across the supply chain (trucks, warehouses, etc). Increase insight and visibility into operations by collecting and analyzing data from IoT devices for predictive maintenance.

Autonomous Vehicle Development

Analyze data from various sensors in real time on the edge. Accelerate development of autonomous driving features by aggregating data from multiple cars and analyzing big data sets in real time. Apply machine learning models at scale for model training and real-time predictions.

Connected Vehicle

Offer usage-based car rentals and personalized premiums by collecting and analyzing data in real time. Enable real-time fleet management and new business models including ride-sharing and delivery tracking. Analyze car telemetry data to do remote diagnostics and alert customers for predictive maintenance.

Make Data Streaming a Reality with Our Partners

Complement your existing data investments with Confluent and push trusted data across your entire stack in real time.

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System Integrators

Deutsche Bahn delivers reliable travel information to millions with Confluent's data streaming platform.

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