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10 Ways Confluent Drives Transformation in Financial Firms

Right now, every aspect of the financial services industry is undergoing some kind of transformation. In this whitepaper, we will discuss some of the business and technical challenges faced in a number of the sectors of the financial services industry and how firms in these sectors are using data in motion and Confluent to help address these challenges.

In particular, you will learn about key financial services businesses such as:

  1. Consumer Banking
  2. Payments
  3. Fraud and Financial Crime
  4. Capital Markets: Trading Operations
  5. Risk Management
  6. Insurance Transformation
  7. Wealth Management
  8. FinTech
  9. The 21st Century CFO
  10. Distributed Ledger Technology & Digital Currencies

Ready to learn more? Download this whitepaper to learn how streaming data technologies are impacting the financial services industry today.

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Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices